Natural Beauty Products for Glowing Skin

BuffRX natural beauty products are a unique fusion of proven, fast-acting prescriptives and soothing, restorative botanicals that are custom-blended to your individual needs. The result is beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.




Each unique formula begins with a base cream or serum. Ingredients for every recipe are then carefully selected to harness their most effective properties. The result is a synergy of the freshest and most effective botanical ingredients fused with the strongest proven prescriptives.



Our Buff Lab mixologists custom craft each order at the time it is made--eliminating the need to expose your skin to harmful preservatives. What you get is the freshest possible skin care product at a higher concentration than normally found in other prescription products.



Whether your issue is acne, rosacea, age-related fine lines, brown spots, enlarged pores, dry skin, or nearly any other skin condition, there is a customized BuffRX solution for you. You'll begin to see changes in the appearance of your skin in weeks, not months.

Fresh From the Buff Bar


Find your formula. BuffRX natural beauty products are made fresh daily with potent actives--fusing prescription ingredients with proven botanicals, vitamins, and andioxidants.


Acne Kit

The Acne Kit is a combination our two biggest sellers, Calming Serum and Calming Wash. The combination of Ivermectin, calming botanicals, and time tested sulfa makes this product extremely effective for acne, rosacea, and seborrhea.

Coffee Bean Cream

This moisturizer is packed with anti-aging ingredients as well as coffeeberry, a powerful anti-oxidant. Reduce redness and inflammation, preserve the elasticity in your skin, and improve radiance and hydrate your skin.

Calming Wash

Contains sulfa and other calming ingredients to drain the inflammation from your face while preventing breakouts at the same time. This product is  great for patients with acne or rosacea but have sensitive skin.

Thanks to Dr. Retief and the BuffRX products, my skin has never looked better. I constantly get compliments on how smooth and refreshed my face looks. Everyone always asks what products give me that special glow. My response is always BuffRX!
— Jennifer M. in TN